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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I havent written about this because I was just wishing it would all go away. But it didn't, it got worse, and now I'm taking meds and not allowed to operate heavy machinery.

I'm having an allergic reaction to something. Don't ask what. Everybody has a theory. Could be something in my new apt., a dog that I played with on Saturday, something I got while running, something I ate with my uncle on friday, etc., new laundry detergent. I just dont know! It started with a small rash on my legs and stomach. Its spread to an arm. Sort of hung there for a couple of days, but becoming more and more irritating. Then this morning I woke up to find it was on my neck, lip, nose, and going towards my right eye. Something had to be done to stop the swelling and the madness from spreading.

At work, they were like, are you sure that isn't contagious, and I felt bad cuz I wasn't sure. They were really nice though all day to me, and I made an appt. for two and left early. Its a good thing they were understanding, because by 11am I was in tears. I hadnt really slept since Friday because I was so uncomfortable. All the doctor's offices that I called wouldn't see me today cuz I was a new patient, so I was contemplating driving all the way back home, San Antonio to see someone, or going to the hospital. Both scenarios were not looking good. A drive home feeling itchy seemed an impossible feat, as was stepping into a hospital, something I avoid doing at all costs. But finally I think God realized the height of my hysteria, and after about the 15th place I called, I got an appt. same day for a new patient. I think it needs to be noted for what it was: a miracle.

The doctor said it wasnt contagious. So I guess I could have stayed at work today and stuck it out a couple more days to see if it would go away on its Big Sausage Pizza. I am not one to pill-pop, so after a couple of days of this I prolly wont take anymore. I feel a little better already. Nothing a shot, some steroids, and a sleeping aid couldn't handle. The past few days my skin has been super sensitive and on fire. After being knocked out stone cold for about 6 hrs, I am now doing/feeling a little better. My skin is now just a little irritating, meaning I can put it out of mind for more than 5 seconds now.

I feel a little loopy, I drove to the grocery store to get some things to make dinner (was not supposed to), and only almost caused a couple of accidents. I am surprised I was actually able to get the keys into the ignition. I dropped them about a dozen times on the way to my car. The cashier asked me if I was okay, after she saw my face, I told her I was fine. I thought to myself, Hell, I thought I was looking better, this is an improvement dude! Then, on upon arriving home, you would have thought pulling the plastic wrapper off the frozen pizza would qualify as operating heavy machinery. So I guess I was not as lucid as I thought I was. Now, I am going to pop a couple more pills, and head on back to be.

P.S. now would be a good time to 1) live closer to Hardcore Partying 2) not have so much pride to ask someone to come over and take care of me 3) say everything I really would like to say to everyone and then be able to blame it on the drugs.